Wild Violets

Wild violets are springing up everywhere!

Have you seen these small purple-ish blue flowers in your yard?

wild violets

Did you know that these adorable little wild violets are editable and have medicinal value? Most people regard these flowers as weeds and tend to remove them with weed killers or lawn mowers.

This morning a spent a little quiet time just walking around my yard in the cool of the morning picking these delicate little flowers. I have not decided what exactly I will do with them, yet. However, because they have several amazing benefits for the body I plan to dry them for later use.

Both the leaves and the flowers of the wild violet plan are editable. Most people that I know, who harvest these flowers add them to salads. The flowers and the leaves are rich in vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants and phytochemicals*. (I will note that you should NOT eat the roots or the seeds as they may cause upset stomach with nausea) Larger leaves may be bitter if eaten fresh, but they do cook up nicely. You can cook them in soups and stews as you would with most any green.

The most popular way to consume herbs and flowers, is in a tea. Which is probably what I will do. Simply lay the flowers out to air dry. and store them in an air tight container until ready to brew. Wild violet tea is an excellent tonic and can be used to strengthen the immune system and stimulate the lymphatic system*. There are many other great benefits to be had from these pretty little flowers. I won’t try to mention them all here as the list gets pretty long.

But, now that you know how good they can be. Next time you see these cute little purple-ish blue flowers don’t reach for the weed killer, but instead reach for a basket, and give them a try. You can always blend several herbs together, so if it turns out that you don’t care for the taste, try blending it with something you like

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