love spell soap

Love Spell Soap

Love spell goat’s milk Soap We just released a new video on YouTube of our beautiful ombre Pour of our Love Spell fragrance soap. This fragrance blend is one of the shop favorites as it resembles the perfume fragrance from Victoria Secret. You can view the video here and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel. Fall in love with this soap fragrance. The fragrant bouquet of roses, and jasmine will have you under it’s spell. Uplift your

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grounding goat's milk soap

Grounding Goat’s Milk Soap

Grounding goat’s milk Soap Start or end your day in a calm and peaceful place. With your feet planted firmly on the ground, Breath deep as you wash away anxiety and return to your place of zen.   Essential Oil Blends Enhance your daily routine with beautiful aromatherapy. Essential oil blends are added to our delightful fresh Goat’s milk soap. This soap blend releases a light peaceful fragrance that we created with Jasmine absolute, Cedar wood, and Amyris essential oils. This

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uplifting goat's milk soap soap

Uplifting Goat’s milk soap

Uplifting goat’s milk soap Wake up and be ready to conquer whatever comes your way. with our uplifting goat’s milk soap. Brighten your daily outlook, feel those positive vibes and seize the day. Essential oils Blends We added Essential oil blends to our delightful Goat’s milk soaps to enhance your daily routine with beautiful aromatherapy. Our uplifting aromatherapy blend releases a light uplifting fragrance that we created with Frankincense, Sweet Orange, and Bergamot essential oils. This fragrance promotes positive feelings

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soothing goat's milk soap

Soothing Goat’s milk Soap

Soothing Goat’s milk soap Sooth and revitalize your body and mind after a busy day of working hard or playing hard. Feel like you’ve had a message after showering with this soothing fragrance blend, relieve sore muscles and stress tension of body and mind. You will love yourself for it. Essential oil Fragrance Our Soothing essential oil blend releases a light soothing fragrance that we created with Frankincense, Spike lavender, and Peppermint essential oils. This fragrance promotes a soothing sensation

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relaxing goat's milk soaps

Relaxing lavender Blend Soap

Relaxing lavender blend soap Prepare your mind to unwind for the evening or just to slow down and relax. Clean your way to a peaceful nights sleep. If you like to shower before bed, then this soap will make the perfect addition to your routine. Our relaxing blend does just that, promotes rest and relaxation.  Our delightful essential oil blend is added to our fresh Goat’s milk soap to enhance your daily routine with beautiful aromatherapy. Essential oil Fragrance This

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fall seasonal soaps

Favorite fall soaps

Fall is here and we are excited to bring back our favorite fall soap fragrances. With cooler weather comes the desire for pumpkin spice and all things cinnamon. We love to keep an extra bar of soap by the sink in the kitchen and the bath, in a pretty fall decoration just for fragrance. With a natural subtle fragrance you can add the scent of pumpkin pie and Apple cinnamon from an all natural usable source, instead of a chemical

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