We are constantly striving to make our products available in a variety of locations, and are often featured in various publications. Here you will find a list of business locations that currently carry our products, and various publications where we may be mentioned or featured.


We are always looking for new boutiques and business to sell our products. Here are a few places, other than this website that you can find our products for sale. If you are interested in carrying our products, and would like more information you can contact us here to become a wholesale partner you can find more information here


Lead Up Podcast

Beginning in Sept of 2021 we will be a sponsor of the “Lead Up” podcast. Host Mike Harbour interviews industry leaders and conducts training for effective leadership in business, and personal relationships. I am a big fan of this pod cast so I encourage you to check it our here. and if you would like more information about Mike and his many business leadership resources you can find them on his web site, mikeharbour.net

Focus on Fabulous Magazine

Over the past couple years “The Herbal Bath” under our previous name “Bella Daye” has been feature 5 times in Focus on Fabulous magazine. This publication is a wonderful resource that encourages and celebrates the beauty of being a woman. We are proud to be featured in this magazine and often submit products for their quarterly subscription boxes. If you would like to see for yourself the beauty that is Focus on Fabulous, you may visit them at the links below.

You can find us in the Focus on Fabulous publication in Dec for their winter issue.

locations and publications

If you have any question you can contact us here.