lorriegm/ September 28, 2019/

Pet Shampoo review

I finally tried the pet shampoo and it is awesome! 
At first i was skeptical about a bar soap shampoo in general, but it is by far the best pet shampoo i have ever used.
Typically I have to give Bailey a once over just to get the store brand to lather then a 3rd wash to avoid a wet dog smell afterwards. But not the case with yours:-) My quickest and most effective doggie shower yet. 
Since Jackson has shown up at our door his coat has always had a really course texture almost like he has a skin rash or something but he is softer than ever before and smells amazing. 
I’m ashamed i waited so long to try it out.. lol
And I’m surprised to have so much left, i expected the bar to disappear but it held up nicely.
Truly amazing! Thank you so much!

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