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Welcome to our Goats Milk Soap Page! You can view all soaps that are currently available here.  Some items are cross posted for better search ability. If you are looking for a soap for men, that is nearly natural, and part of our seasonal release, then you could find your soap in all three of those categories. Or you can just scroll down and view all soaps that are currently available.

Goat's milk soaps
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The herbal Bath uses high quality natural ingredients and takes great pride in creating products that are healthy and good for you, your skin and your overall health. Our products are safe for children and practical for the whole family to use every day. We combine quality ingredients into everyday products to bring you affordable, natural, and clean alternatives to the chemical laden products being sold today.

All of our natural bath and body products are handmade in Middle Tennessee. We use fresh goats milk from our local Stay’N Put farm to create all of our wonderful goat’s milk soaps and shampoo bars, which allows us to be a part of the “Pick Tennessee products” program. We also grow several of our own herbs and source others from certified organic growers in the USA

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Goats milk soaps

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